film services

Theatrical Booking -  long-standing, established relationships with the largest theatrical exhibitors in the country (e.g. AMC, Regal), along with prominent, specialized, independently-owned art house venues. Additionally: four-wall bookings, venue rentals, VOD/DVD day-and-date theatrical releases.

Theatrical Media Budgets - prepare and manage media budgets for theatrical campaign(s)

Academy Award Qualifying Runs - booking to qualify films for Academy Award consideration

Theatrical Roadshow and Event Tours - organize multi-city film/speaker North American tours

Theatrical / VOD / SVOD Distribution Plans - draft comprehensive distribution plans to help investors, non-profit organizations, and sponsors understand the 'big picture' vision of filmmaker's film.

One Night Events - special events including post screening Q&As with luminary guest speakers

Nationwide One Night Events - countrywide simultaneous special theatrical screening events

Film Partnerships - outline, negotiate, and execute mutually beneficial partnerships with non-profit  and for-profit organizations to maximize potential awareness and audience base for filmmaker's film

Sponsorship Decks - draft sponsorship decks to secure key capital and strategic partnerships

Box Office Collections - collect exhibitor revenue and box office reports and generate reports

Poster and Collateral Design Assets - powerful and effective designs for theatrical campaigns

Film Traffic and Marketing Support - handle all logistical requirements for theatrical release including poster, postcard, flyer, trailer, screening format, screening media, and display placement.